Pixel graphic is a studio dedicated to the manufacture of amazing images, where we put our creativity to the growth and evolution of your Brand over time. At each stage of our process we seek to contribute to improve the perception and reputation of your Brand through the image. Our promise is to deliver your visual projects in the speed at which the market demands and moves, and this is always ON TIME. We seek to exalt your goals to the maximum and  above with an impeccable final result.


We investigate and analyze the product, the model, the location, the trends and everything around the behavior of your Brand in the market, in order to provide your with clear proposals that support your concept.


We create and capture moments, people, spaces and objects to produce iconic photographic campaigns.


We customize so that you can differentiate your products in the market, all through a team of experts in visual development, who are constantly preparing to give it the final touch by establishing a unique style.

Know here’s what we believe in

ADN Creemos


As a family we believe in mutual support for evolution, being a school where we passionately create opportunities and Project talented teams, we transform ideas into photographs with love and dedication.



Finding the perfect image can only be done when you create it, that is why our team of visual experts merge art with technique, in order to achieve the maximum performance of your Brand through the image, all base on a detailed process and best technology for impressive and memorable creative development. Therefore, to support your Brand in the persuasion of your clients we have the following solutions:


Pixel Graphic is a team of imaging experts, visual artists, photographers, retouchers, designers and creatives who use their full potential and technology to deliver impressive visual quality and fulfillment. As an image factory we are committed to providing the necessary solutions to improve the visual quality of your projects and we have all the experience and the ability to deliver the best products at a visual level.


Images have the power to produce sensations that simulate each of the senses, that is why in our organization we seek that your product is perceived and remembered through sight with unique and harmonious developments, which raise the perception of your Brand; for this reason, through our trajectory, clients continue to prefer us thanks to the results obtained in the creation of effective images.


We have created countless images, which have allowed us to explore many sectors and thus obtain the experience to create in any type of situation, concept, product or Project, helping brands to enhance their product. Below, you Will find a sample of what we have achieved to date.


We want to meet you and know what you think of our work, then give us your information to contact you so that together we can start a new Project


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